We combine our local expertise and wide intermodal network to deliver an efficient and straightforward logistics experience.

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Specifically formed to bring effective solutions and solve problems that affects the shipping industry During our 50 years of experience we have encountered many different types of issues, situations and needs that people of this industry have encountered on a daily basis.

Offering a personal one on one intimate relationship to you the customer Logos Shipping caters for a few very special "Niche" of customers and not everybody in the industry. Cause we want to be totally dedicated to your company so we can enjoy a mutual benefit.

Consultancy, Clearing & Forwarding, Warehousing, Projects & Project Cargoes, Transport & Logistics, Marine Insurance, Airfreight, Shipping and Ship Agency

● As Charterer’s agent Logos Shipping International Solutions protects the
interest of the charterer/shipper/receiver.
● Expeditious, quick turn-around after cargo operations is vital to the
logistics cost of “Charterer’s/Shippers/Receivers.”
● Ensure complete and efficient cargo operations.
● Engagement of stevedores, tallymen, transporters, warehousemen and
other associated service providers.
● Full liaison with port authority and owners’ agents.
● Engagements of all surveyors-cargo, hatch cleaners and infestation etc.
● Supervise all loading or discharge operations “PERSONALLY” with
experienced cargo operations staff on board vessel and wharf side.
● Coordinating cargo operations with ship, stevedores and cargo owners.
● Recording accurate delays for completion of statement of facts and
laytime calculations, demurrage and despatch.
● Providing full cargo operations report daily until completion.
● Attending to all manifest and bills of lading requirements.
● Coordinating and assisting in any cargo claim issues.
● Attending on your behalf in your absence

• Licensed Customs Clearing agents.
• Airfreight, Road freight, sea freight (Breakbulk, bulk, containerised)
• EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) submissions of all Customs bill of entry, release, etc.
• All cargo dues submissions.
• Customs Stops and examination attendance and scanner stop.
• Liaison with Shipping Lines, Airlines and Groupage Operators.
• Transport National and cross border.
• Warehousing bonded and free store.
• Project and Project Cargoes. 

● Marine port attendance (berthing, tugs, fresh water, pilotage etc)
● Cargo attendance for vessels fixed under (FLT) Full Liner Terms (Stevedoring discharge and loading)
● Husbandry services
● Bunker attendance: -coordination with oil and fuel supplier majors for bunker stem and coordinating bunker barge deliveries.
● Attendance of layby berthing requirements for general ship repairs
● Drydock attendance
● Coordination of ship suppliers and provisions, deliveries, nautical charts, equipment certification renewals, surveys (bunkers, infestation and draft surveys.)
● Hatch surveys & certification, hatch cleaning if necessary’
● Sludge and waste removals
● Cash to master receipt and security conveyance.
● Attendance to crew medical requirements, crew changes, crew hospitalisation and repatriation formalities through immigration and passport control.
● Airline “okay to board”, visa application and crew accommodation ashore.
● Off port limit attendance.
● Coordination of anti-piracy security / stowaways
● Personnel disembarkation or embarkation.
● Coordinating ship spares, customs clearance and delivery
● Salvage tug and towing coordination. 

• Under FIOS / FILO / LIFO charter party freight terms, it is ‘EXPEDIENT” that owners/managers interests are diligently protected.
• Render all “Notices of Readiness” (N.O.R) timeously.
• Monitor the appointed charterer’s agent cargo operations with our wharf side staff.
• Check stevedore performances.
• Check all appliance/equipment and installation gear and record delays not associated with ships equipment and/or ships master and crew.
• Check warehouse intake/despatch capacities and capabilities.
• Check cargo transport/rail/stockpile/cargo availability and general cargo operations.
• Check all receipts and despatches and general tally services.
• Record and check all cargo, operation stoppages and delays, rain/weather delays.
• Complete our own “Statement of Facts” to assist master/ chief mate to check and sign charterer’s statement of facts.
• To coordinate and arrange “All Holds Clean “with surveyors and when necessary to arrange cleaning services expeditiously and cost effectively.
• Coordinate all surveys related to the cargo e.g. infestation, drafts. 

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